What gives away woman’s age?

Woman’s nature tells us to pursue forever young and fresh look. There is very little women who can just deal with the fact that they are no longer young and beautiful as several years ago. They fix their lips, fill cheeks and remove wrinkles. And all of that for nothing, because there are two areas, which give away true age of every woman. How to tell what age is the woman?

1. Hands

Woman’s hands are area, where you can clearly see her age. What is interesting, ageing processes are shown on the external side of hands sooner than it can be seen on the face. It is caused by thinner hypodermis, which with time declines and is visible on hands. Soft skin of hands is susceptible to damages, and so with age it worsens. Just look at hands of your grandmother.

You should at least prophylactically care about skin in this area to maybe make passing time just a little bit less visible on your hands. It is recommended to educate yourself in application of cream – in summer with light moisturising creams and in winter with more oily creams with protective properties. You should remember that first signs of ageing on hands’ skin can be observed already when you turn 30!

2. Neck and cleavage

We take systematic care of face, but very often we forget about neck and cleavage care. Sometimes during evening skin care we unconsciously run through neck, but only when there was too much cream left on our hands. That is a mistake, which afterwards will cost us dry skin on neck and unaesthetic cleavage. It is because skin in this area is delicate and particularly in harms way of damaging factors.

First signs of ageing can be observed when started to appear transverse wrinkles on neck and cleavage. Those ageing signs can be prevented with key prophylactic action. Don’t forget about moisture of skin of neck and cleavage, because you can easily use on them the same serums and creams as for face.

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