Which cosmetics should be kept in a fridge?

Probably each one of us knows how important is to properly store cosmetics. Products for skin care can be kept in a vanity bag, cabinet, on a bathroom shelf and even in a fridge. Surprised? Keeping cosmetics in the fridge expands their durability and ensures more effective results. That, on the other hand, influences condition of our skin. Read below, which products should you keep in the fridge.

Why keeping cosmetics in the fridge is so important? Because lower temperature prevents oxidisation of active substances contained in cosmetics. What is more, it counters coagulation and expands product’s durability. Furthermore, application of chilled cosmetics on face has beneficial properties: levels puffiness, boosts blood circulation in skin cells, reduces dark circles around the eyes. Which cosmetics should be kept in fridge?

Cosmetics with vitamin C, retinol, peptides or acids in their composition should be kept in fridge. You need to put them there right after opening, because this way you prevent them from loose of mentioned substances. It is recommended to keep all organic, natural and ecological creams in fridge as well.

You can also keep face masks in the fridge. Chilled products applied on face will constrict walls of blood vessels, boost blood circulation, tone up and refresh skin. This trick should use women with couperose skin and prone to irritations skin of face, neck and cleavage.

Just like massage with ice cubes has beneficial influence on skin, so will chilled eye cream. Low temperature will enhance its properties, so it will regenerate damaged epidermis, remove bruising, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Additionally skin will gain fresh and radiant look.

Fridge is also a great place for nail polish. It will longer its durability and ensure freshness. There are people who think that nail polish placed in fridge solidifies faster, becomes thicker. What is more, low temperature makes it harder to distribute it on nail plate.

Keeping thermal water in fridge is a good idea not only because it expands its durability. Chilled mist will bring relief in hot summer days, soothes warmed skin and refresh it, but also make-up will be long lasting.

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