How to perform camouflage make-up?

Discolouration, dark circles around the eyes, spider vines – are those your skin problems as well? If yes then you definitely should learn how to perform camouflage make-up. It’ll help you to cover all the imperfections and give your skin natural and beautiful look.

How to choose right tone of foundation?

This is basing knowledge of make-up and the number one rule of make-up ever. Choice of foundation tone determines the final effect. How to choose then the suitable one? Your foundation should be one or two tones lighter than your actual skin tone. It is important to make sure it merges perfectly with the skin – you need to check it. How to do that? This is a where most women make huge mistake, because they choose it based on their wrist skin colour! It is clear you won’t be wearing it on this part of your body. You should check its colour on the jaw or chin skin. Apply small amounts of foundation in different tones and wait few minutes. During this time product should merge with your skin colour. Choose the one which is the least noticeable on your skin.

Type of skin vs foundation

Equally important is to match the foundation to the type of skin. Why? It is not just about nice effect. Your health is of value as well. Foundation should have such properties that fit your skin needs. So moisturising foundation is best for dry and sensitive skin and foundation with no oils is best for oily and acne skin. If it won’t be chosen correctly you may experience skin irritations, rash and dryness.

The least the better

If you think that the more foundation you apply the better, then you don’t even know wrong you are! Thick layer of foundation will significantly separate from jaw line, gather in pores, make unaesthetic smears and make you look older. To cover imperfections you need just a small amount of good foundation. On single pimples and spots apply some concealer.


Foundation is just one of cosmetics we use for camouflage make-up. You may also need some concealer one tone lighter than your foundation. Concealer will help us cover all the dark circles around the eyes, spider vines, spots and pimples. Concealer texture should be chosen according to the type of skin, season of the year and type of foundation. It is important for all the cosmetics match each other perfectly for our skin to look perfect.

How to make camouflage make-up last?

The best way to do that is applying some translucent or mattifying powder. Both will merge with the foundation and skin colour. Most powders have many minerals, vitamins and nutrients, that can help with imperfections and extremely change the look.

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