Intraceuticals – set of skin rejuvenating treatments

The great concern of almost every woman who takes care about her good look is ageing skin. Certainly, it is impossible to bring this natural process to a halt yet it is worth being aware of some methods that rejuvenate skin successfully, not only from the outside. Let us introduce Intraceuticals set of treatments – an innovation in cosmetology field.

Intraceuticals is a set of cosmetic treatments the base of which belongs to a combination of two ingredients: properties of skin-ageing serum and technology of hyperbaric oxygen. What does it mean in plain English? For Intraceuticals treatment, infusion of pressed oxygen is used. In short, a serum that matches skin needs is sprayed (keeping the right distance and appropriate angle) thanks to compressed oxygen.

What is worth mentioning, outcomes of the treatment are easy to notice since the first session is over. However, in order to obtain ultimate results, one requires undergoing set of six treatments which should be performed once a week. This kind of the treatment should be reapplied up to two times per year so as to prolong lifespan of the results.

How does Intraceuticals treatment work?

The combination of serum and beneficial action of oxygen is a natural skin lifting method (which is completely non-invasive). It smooths wrinkles, restores elasticity to skin providing it with appropriate level of moisture and oxygenation. Obviously, depending on the type of Intraceuticals treatment we decide to apply, we can expect particular outcomes to be produced.

We can choose among the following serums:

  • Rejuvenate (provides youthful look due to hyaluronic acid),
  • Opulence (eliminates discolorations),
  • Clarity Sensitive (reduces visibility of acne and other skin ailments),
  • Atoxelene (smooths mimic wrinkles).

Favoured by celebrities Intraceuticals treatment is a completely safe, non-invasive and painless rejuvenating procedure. One can relax while undergoing the treatment, because the oxygen that is applied to skin tends to tickle delicately. What is also worth pointing out, Intraceuticals does not cause any side effects. Instead, all we should expect is fresh, radiant and rejuvenated face skin.

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