Cosmetic tricks, which will make every girls live much easier

Putting on make-up is time consuming and every girl can confirm it. Fortunately for us, there exist make-up tricks which can make our life much easier. Let’s find out how to attach false eyelashes, clean make-up brushes and take control over our hair.

How to attach false eyelashes?

Attaching all those stripes makes a lot of problems. Sometimes we can’t correctly “pull” them and match to the shape of the eyelid. From one side they adhere to the skin, but on the other one stick way out of the line. What can we do? Cut the false lashes strip into two or three pieces and attach them separately. We have to make sure that all the pieces are close enough to each other. If it won’t work then add some individual false lashes.

How to take control over our hair?

Baby hair, that grow on the hairline aren’t as tractable as longer hair. If you want to brush them up then use old (but clean) toothbrush with hair spray on it. Preservation of curls is yet another problem that girls have to face. There are two ways to deal with that. First says that you have to spray your hand with some hairspray and thenĀ  gently comb hair with your fingers and hand. The other solution is a bit more complicated and time consuming. Apply some styling gel on hair and bow over a bowl with a hot water. Wait until hair strengthen over the steam.

What to do with a fallout of the excess eye shadow?

If you don’t want to powder areas where eye shadow has fallen, then just use some adhesive tape. Wrap it around your fingers and with a sticky side gather excess eye shadow from your cheeks. The same technique will work with excess eyeshadow on your eyelid, especially when blending the colours didn’t work or you applied too much of coloured eyeshadow. You can also use adhesive tape to clean your make-up brushes. Slide few times with the messy hair of the brush on the sticky side of the tape to get rid of cosmetic and dust. And what kind of make-up tricks do you use?

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