How to take care of eyelashes to make them grow faster?

Women always want to have everything in large amounts and of the best quality. The same applies to eyelashes that without proper care will not be long and won’t be thick. Fortunately, there is a way to boost their growth. Here are a few tips on how to do it. 

Eyelashes grow at a certain pace that luckily, can be speeded up. All you need to do is to boost it with the aid of concentrated nutrients and growth-stimulants, to notice the difference. Without proper support, the bulbs do not work effectively and in consequence, lashes do not grow fast enough. Also, they are shorter and become lifeless and fall out much quicker. Fortunately, they are always replaced with new ones. Nevertheless, the entire process can be improved, thanks to which, lashes start growing faster and visibly longers. How to do it? There are a few methods, each of which has its own advantages.

Eyelash growth can be boosted by:


Brushing eyelashes every day is a natural way to stimulate their growth. It not only has a tremendous influence on the blood circulation and activates the bulbs but also makes the mascara application a lot easier.


Due to the fact that eyelashes are built the same way as hair (with small differences), you can treat them similarly.  Natural oils will deliver proper nourishment, prevent dehydrating and provide protection. But that’s not all. Some of them, for instance, Castor oil, can be used to darken lashes, improve their shine and increase growth. The effects are not that spectacular and not the same for everyone.


Even the smallest lash requires a set of vitamins and minerals that will nourish, strengthen and protect. It is worth making sure what eyelash serum is the best. A professional product works in the active growth phase and stimulates bulbs to work more effectively. This makes an eyelash serum the best solution if you want your lashes to grow faster. It provides in-depth and effective action as long as it contains a proper set of valuable ingredients.


Of course, a random mascara will not have a significant difference in the appearance or condition of your lashes. If the cosmetic contains toxic substances, it might even contribute to an excessive lash loss. Luckily, the cosmetic market is full of good mascaras enriched with nutrients – using them on a daily basis can promote lash growth as well.