5 of the weirdest SPA treatments

Women can forgo many thing in the name of the dream goal in a form of a beautiful look and to undo the signs of passing time. No wonder that beauty parlours and SPAs come up with more and more new treatments, which should bring desirable effects. Let us introduce five of the weirdest treatments women undertake in the name of perfect appearance.

No. 1. Hay Bath

We will start with a treatment that reaches Slavic tradition and relates to country life, where farmer spends night on the freshly gathered hay and gets up in the morning, full of energy and willing to work some more. Nowadays, hay is used in treatments against cellulite rather than being tired. In this treatment, body is wrapped up in a sheaf of wet hay and placed in a bath with a hot water.

No. 2. Injections with blood plasma

Much more invasive treatment is the one in which a qualified person draws blood and injects it  back after certain modifications. After blood was drew, white and red blood cells are being separated from blood plasma; then plasma is enriched with agents and injected under the skin to elisticate and tone up skin.

No. 3. Snake Massages

The relax for courageous people can ensure snake massage, which are laid on the body. Each of snakes belongs to differ species, so they massage skin in a different way by the way they move. Snake massage has a beneficial influence on muscle sores, stiff joints and even migraine headaches.

No. 4. Geisha Facial

Treatment called “Geisha Facial” is nothing else than a face mask, however it differs significantly from standard face masks applied on skin. In Geisha Facial are used nightingale droppings, which are supposed to have strong rejuvenating and whitening properties. It should be mentioned that nightingale droppings are not the only extreme ingredient used in cosmetics and beauty treatments.

No. 5. Fire massage

Fire is not usually associated with nothing pleasurable, and we expect that SPA treatments will be relaxing. Fire massage is preformed in China and its use reaches ancient Tibet. On face is applied towel with unknown flammable substance and alcohol, then it is set on fire and then quickly put down to avoid burns to face.

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