Nighttime skin care: 5 steps to follow so you can get your beauty sleep!

You are asleep while this is the best time for the intensive repair that your skin goes through every night. It has lots of things to do so you should provide it with enough sleep and daily care to make it even prettier, healthier and younger-looking. Following just 5 simple steps guarantees numerous benefits. Learn how to care for your skin before sleep!


We know that every skin-care article points it out but we can’t skip it either. Thorough make-up removal and cleansing are the secret to healthy skin. You need to do it precisely because throughout the day your skin attracts dust, dirt, sebum and toxins. You need to remove all the nasties from the face together with the layers of make-up products that would block the outlet of sebaceous glands and spark acne breakouts.


Exfoliation stimulates skin cell renewal and it removes the buildup of dead cells. You need to present it to the skin at least once a week. The evening is the best time for doing a scrub. Thoroughly cleansed skin after make-up removal goes through the exfoliation to uncover the new, fresh epidermis which perfectly absorbs precious ingredients. That is why you should make use of it and apply a quality night serum and a dose of a cream. Just remember that before providing the skin with essential nutrients you should…


… tonify the skin. A toner is slightly forgotten. Everybody believes that micellar water is a multi-purpose product which is marketed as a tonifying product as well. Too bad it doesn’t fulfil this role fully. Also, you need to remember that micellar water leaves a layer of micelles that must be rinsed – otherwise it will attract the dust and toxins. So, once the micellar water does its job (removes make-up), you need to put it aside and use a toner which soothes and calms the skin, as well as restores the pH balance.


A good face serum is the best thing to use on the skin before sleep. Obviously, it must be suited to the type and needs of the skin. There are products you can use at any age because they give the necessary ingredients no matter if you are 20, 30, 40 or 50. That is why a hyaluronic acid or vitamin C serum always makes a perfect pick.

Face serum is an ideal nighttime product because it enhances the deepest structures and guarantees intensive care when the skin needs it the most.


A good face serum must be paired with a good moisturizer/cream. Such products can be free from the SPF so manufactures put other substances instead: revitalizing agents that improve the skin’s plumpness, density and youth. A nighttime cream should be like a skin-repair treatment while day moisturizers are mostly used for skin protection.


Your skin wants you to provide it with an intensified dose of essential ingredients so that it can regenerate during sleep. To make this repairing process run smoothly, gently massage the skin while using a scrub or serum. Use your fingertips or massaging tools (e.g. jade roller). Thanks to the massage, the skin absorbs all ingredients effortlessly and the repair process is intensified while you are asleep.

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