How to tell the difference between fake and original perfumes?

In an express pace top perfume brands live to see fake versions of their products. Perfumes are the most preferably faked product, that is why it is so problematic to buy original. Many times we can get fake perfumes even in the high-street chemist’s shops and perfumeries. In order to ward spending money on the fake off, you need to get to know few tips on  buying perfumes. How to tell the difference between fake and original perfumes?


Don’t fool yourself. It’s pure logic, that perfumes from expensive brand won’t cost 1/3 of their regular price, because then the price of the production would be higher than the price at the shop. It sometimes happens that we can buy perfumes in a special offer, because chemist’s shops are offering bargain on such products as well, however, surprisingly low prices should awaken our alertness.


Contrary to appearances, black bars on the white background can say a lot about the product, like its country of origin. If you want to buy an original perfumes from well-known brand you should know where are they coming from. The barcode must be consistent with the country of origin, because French perfumes will always come from France, they are not bottled in some Asian countries. First numbers of the barcode are the information about the country of origin, e.g. 30-37 is for France, 80-83 is for Italy.


Serial number of the batch is yet another thing that can help in distinguishing fake from the original perfumes. On the bottom of the original perfumes should always be thin, clear label with the proper writing (i.e. “Eau de Toilette 50 ml”), and next to it a serial number of the batch. Each brand has its own unique number consisting of several numbers and letters or just numbers.


The country of origin can be also stated based on the writing on the packaging. The original perfumes should always have this information placed in small print on the box, e.g. Made in France. All the perfumes with the writing like “London – Paris – NY” should seem suspicious right a way.


The packaging is rich in informations, and there aren’t as many of them on the fake perfumes. The original perfumes will always have information about date of production, durability, composition, etc. Fake perfumes usually avoid giving those informations.


Even protective foil on the packaging can give you some informations that can help with telling which perfumes are fake and which original. You can start verification with this element, because the original perfumes always have welded foil with perfectly flat stitch, it is never glued. Glued foil means it’s a fake.


Content of the original perfumes is not only the vial with the perfumes, but also impletion with the frame stabilising perfumes in the box. Falsifiers very often want to save some money on the frames, so you can come to know it’s fake after you shake the box and the vial will hit in the interior walls.

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