How to read cosmetic’s composition?

In contrary to the appearances cosmetics’ composition isn’t that hard. You just need to remember few simple rules. As it is going to turn out later even long Latin names won’t be much of a problem. And one more thing, remember that manufactures are obligated to enumerate all the substances contained in the product, even those not so popular like parabens.

Before you’ll proceed with reading compositions, you need to know those five simple rules. Firstly, very important is sequence in which ingredients are enumerated. At the beginning INCI are those which concentration is the highest in the cosmetic. At the end are those which concentration is the lowest. Secondly, all the ingredients mentioned after the fragrances (perfume) were used in trace amounts, which of course doesn’t mean they won’t cause skin irritations. Even the substance from the very end of the composition can sensitise. Thirdly, the best cosmetics are those which have the smallest number of ingredients, and even better if those ingredients are vegetable. Try also to choose cosmetics in which composition are ingredients you are familiar with.

Another two rules concern desirable (save) ingredients and those which can cause skin irritations (clogging). In the first group we have: vegetable oils (except for Mineral Oil, or so called paraffin wax), vegetable and herbal extracts, emollients (lanolin, Shea butter, beeswax, paraffin wax), moisturising ingredients (glycerine, honey, aloe Vera, sugar), antioxidants (vitamins C, E, A, B3 and co-enzyme Q10), proteins (silk, keratin, oats and wheat proteins), ingredients soothing skin irritations (allantoin, panthenol, arnica montana). In the second group we have: detergents (SLS), preservatives (parabens), fragrances and alcohol.

By knowing the above rules of reading cosmetics’ composition, you can go ahead and visit chemist’s. Certainly, you’ll choose products which will meet your expectations and will take good care of your skin. Read the composition closely and nothing is going to surprise you.

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