Which coconut oil to choose: refined or non-refined? Or maybe unscented?

The most important issue is to choose a good oil. This is the key guaranteeing achieving remarkable success in body and hair care. Unfortunately, while reaching even for the most popular solutions, we are often caught with a dilemma. Which coconut oil will be better, refined or non-refined?

Body and hair care is effective only when we reach for products of a good quality. It must be realized that we have to select the cosmetics accordingly to our needs, including skin and hair needs. Similarly is with oiling. Since natural oils can replace conditioning products, this means that we should match them and choose the best ones.

Everyone who decides to make use of coconut oil in everyday care becomes somewhat bewildered by the choice. Which coconut oil to choose? The tips listed below shall appear highly useful to all confused.

Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin – non-processed, non-purified oil which was cold-pressed from the white flesh of coconut (so-called copra).

It is claimed that cold-pressed coconut oil, so in its extra virgin version, is the best one. There are a few reasons supporting this conviction. Firstly, it has incredibly intensive, coconut aroma. Secondly, it houses the greatest amount of nourishing substances. Extra virgin coconut oil is rich in vitamins B, C, E and K, minerals (potassium, magnesium, zinc) as well as irreplaceable lauric acid.

Non-refined coconut oil – coconut oil that hasn’t been purified.
Refined coconut oil – coconut oil that has undergone refining process, which basically stands for purification.

Which coconut oil is better? Refined or non-refined? Definitely, the non-refined one because it’s the form of the oil containing the most nourishing substances. It must be remembered that during the purification process, coconut oil is deprived not only of impurities but also of some part of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Unfortunately, refining process pauperizes oils.

The above-mentioned types of coconut oil are the most widely available ones. As it is not hard to guess, when it comes to hair and body care, it’s the non-refined and cold-pressed version that is recommended. Are there any other types of coconut oil which we may choose between?

Unscented coconut oil – processed coconut oil which was deprived of its characteristic aroma (due to refining process).
Fractioned coconut oil – coconut oil of higher chemical stability and extended period of safe use is obtained due to hydrolysis and steam distillation.

This is a good option for those who don’t favour smell of coconut. No wonder, not everybody likes when their body, hands or hair smells with coconut. However, it’s worth remembering that both unscented coconut oil as well as the fractioned are the highly processed versions of the oil. As a consequence, their quality is drastically impaired and deprived of nourishing substances our body wants to be supplied with. On the other hand, the very forms of coconut oil are willingly used as ingredients added to cosmetics because of their enhanced durability.