Is face mist truly effective?

Plenty of women, keep in their bags not only lipstick or hand cream, but also something more – face mist. It is a product that brings relief to irritated skin in hot summer days. Owners of mists, keep on saying that it is a perfect buoy that in a matter of seconds can provide skin with relief. We wonder over phenomenon of mists – how do they work and are they truly that effective?

Classical face mist

Face mists available in dragstores are one of ways for delivering skin with some active substances. The difference between mist and e.g. tonic is simple – mist is a product applied on face with spray. This form means better efficiency as well as more pleasurable and easier application. However, this type of saving the product is not recommended in all cases, for instance too light layer of mist with sun filter will provide almost none protection. So, if it is up to effectiveness of face mist, it depends on the composition and recommendation of the product, just like in any other case.

Moisturising face mist

When it comes to the mists dedicated for moisture, the thing is not that clear. Moisturising product should have in its composition hydrating substances, so called emollients. Even small amount of this substance can provide face with moisture. It is worse with face mist, which contain water, so instead of hydrating they cause dryness. Once more there is a confirmation that composition is more important than form. If you plan on buying moisturising face mist then try those with aloe or hyaluronic acid and let go the water.

Refreshing face mist

The most keenly used mists are those providing soothing and refreshing properties to irritations and redness related to high temperature (e.g. hot days) or skin problems. Their properties are based mainly on cooling formula of spray and aromatherapy. Despite being the most favoured mists, their effectiveness was not proven. It should be said that improper formula of relaxing face mist can even cause some harm, like essential cinnamon oil in the composition has irritating properties. It is better to choose those mists with soothing extracts, for example cucumber, carrot or hyaluronic acid.

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