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Our top 5 picks – best brow pomades!

Brow pomade is the most popular brow makeup product! It’s still trendy, at the top and lets you create fantastic results in makeup! It’s a common choice among Instagram influencers and pro brow stylists. If you dream of beautiful eyebrows with a perfect shape, outlined with almost geometric precision – a brow pomade will not disappoint you. Which is the best one? Our top picks will make your decision easy – check it out and then get to shopping!

What is a brow pomade?

Brow pomade is a creamy product that looks a bit like thick paint. It’s contained in a little jar. Pomades are usually wax-based so they create bold and expressive makeup, help map the right eyebrow shape and even out the contours. What’s more, the effects look very natural because of the pomade’s unusual formula which is high-coverage and doesn’t come off the brows. Best products are highly long-wear, malleable and waterproof.

Best brow pomade – how to pick one?

Looking for the best product on your own using a trial-and-error method is often cumbersome and probably unprofitable. That’s why the ranking below is an answer to the question: what is the best brow pomade? We analyzed every important aspect: makeup effect, thickness, size, price and how long the results last. Is it vegan? Does it have positive reviews? What are the available shades? Do they suit every skin colour? Find out which brow pomade is the popular choice and which one deserves to be called the winner.

Our top 5 picks – best brow pomades!

NUMBER 1. The best brow pomade! NANOBROW Eyebrow Pomade

nanobrow eyebrow pomade

Size: 6g 

Nanobrow offers a wide range of remarkable makeup products for brow styling and care. It’s a brand that knows everything there is to know about eyebrow makeup. It’s worth to remember the name of the company as it values high-quality cosmetics. The Nanobrow pomade is an example of a product perfect in every way. Its size is big, the consistency is ideally thick, the shades colour very well and the intense pigments look wonderful in every lighting. The pomade is long-wear, waterproof, making it possible to do your makeup with it and then go swimming! Your eyebrows will stay in perfect condition. This product is a common choice among makeup fans as it delivers breathtaking effects. You will not want to replace it with any other! Nanobrow is undeniably the best brow pomade for both total beginners as well as professional makeup artists.


  • waterproof, long-lasting
  • intensely pigmented
  • mesmerizing natural shades; neutral: suiting every skin colour
  • favourable price, large size, efficient
  • gorgeous makeup effects
  • cruelty-free and vegan
  • can be purchased quickly at


  • unavailable locally


Size: 4g

Even though it’s not the best brow pomade it does deserve a high rating and, if not for the price, it’d be ideal! It’s worth noting that pro stylists praise the great variety of pomade’s shades: there are 11 colours perfected to every detail by the “brow queen”, a famous all over the world founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills. It’s pleasant, long-wear and well-pigmented with a creamy consistency. It lets you create a dramatic effect of striking eyebrows!


  • long-wear and waterproof
  • very pigmented
  • amazing effects in makeup
  • 11 rich shades for many skin colours
  • vegan


  • it’s challenging to achieve a subtle look
  • very high price
  • small size

NUMBER 3. KAT VON D BEAUTY 24-Hour Super Brow

Size: 5g

Best brow pomade? Undoubtedly, the one by Kat Von D is unusual. It’s often recommended as it’s unique: it comes in many shades, and some would say they’re not very pomade-like. Looking for a green or red brow pomade? Choose 24-Hour Super Brow! It also has an unconventional consistency: it resembles more a gel than a pasty pomade. We have to admit that it’s rather multi-purpose: the colours might be also used as eyeliner or lip liner. Vegan, doesn’t contain animal products but, unfortunately, is very expensive.


  • 15 colours
  • gel and soft – easy to use
  • relatively large capacity
  • pretty effects in makeup
  • long-wear, vegan
  • multi-purpose


  • unusual gel formula is not what we’d expect from a brow pomade
  • price isn’t affordable

NUMBER 4. Benefit Cosmetics POWmade

Size: 5g

This is a decent brow pomade that is a rather common choice because of its nice results and eight attractive colours to choose from. Consider it if you like a velvety finish in makeup. Benefit Cosmetic POWmade is quite long-lasting but the makep should be created with confidence and very quickly as it’s fast frying and doesn’t give you a lot of time for touch-ups. The price isn’t budget-friendly, and its designer packaging appeals to teens. It’s also a bit innovative as the jar has a special built-in brush wiper that prevents using too much at once.


  • pleasant consistency
  • decent effect in makeup
  • many available colours to choose from
  • waterproof and vegan
  • built-in brush wiper ensures the perfect amount of pomade on your brush 


  • only warm and neutral shades, not one for a cool-toned skin
  • high price
  • dries quickly, not suited for beginners

NUMBER 5. Sigma Beauty Define + Pose Brow Pomade

Size: 2g

Sigma is not the most commonly chosen brow pomade but it’s definitely worth paying attention to as it colours rather well and will appeal to those not-so-skilled in doing makeup with brow pomade. Sigma Beauty Define + Pose Brow Pomade helps create a nice eyebrow shape and fill with colour – there are three you can choose from. The brown shade, however, could be a bit more neutral, as it has warm undertones. A small capacity – only two grams for a fairly high price.


  • waterproof
  • a long-lasting effect
  • vegan
  • quite good consistency


  • too small capacity
  • too pricey for such a low size
  • a bit difficult to remove

Brow pomade – how to use it?

Found something for yourself? Perfect, now it’s time for makeup. Here’s what you need to do before using brow pomade!


Prepare a slanted flat brush, then cleanse and dry brow hairs. Some use powder so the eyebrows are completely oil-free.


  • Scoop a little pomade onto a brush: you can apply a small amount on the back of your hand or the lid of the closed jar and use it little by little. Because of that, the jar will not remain open while doing makeup and the product won’t dry out.
  • Define the lower edge, creating a line starting from the inner corner to the brow tails.
  • Brow tails should be accentuated more strongly: the tail should be sharply-ended.
  • Define the upper edge, leaving it a bit blended.
  • Fill in the created shape.
  • Combo through the brows with a spoolie brush. All done!