A needle? A mask? An oil? Top-rated hair strengthening treatments

Over time, the hair’s regenerative potential decreases. What does it mean? It starts to fall out, lose shine, become rough to the touch, fragile and prone to damage. It is high time to take matters into your own hands. How to strengthen hair?

There are a few ways to regenerate the hair. To be honest, we are really left with two options: a trip to the salon or homemade methods of hair care. We tend to reach for smoothing out, regenerating hair masks which often turn out to be a waste of time and money. There is no hair that is impossible to control, some types just require a more professional support. Here are the best hair strengthening treatments, starting with the ones that you can perform in the comfort of your own home.

Hair Oiling 

The hair care ritual that’s very popular in the East, has finally come to us. Women are more willingly reaching for hair oils because they are a natural support that works deeply and improves its appearance lastingly. Hair oiling is a great way not only to provide shine and smoothness but also to ensure protection against harmful factors, to increase hair growth, improve scalp condition, and provide an optimum level of hydration. Hair treatment in harmony with nature is the best way to strengthen your hair, but the fact is that you have to wait some time for the effects.

Scalp Mesotherapy 

Every hair-related problem has its origins in the scalp, therefore, it is essential to start strengthening the hair with proper scalp care. If you count on quick effects, you can see for yourself what mesotherapy is. This procedure is recommended whenever you notice excessive hair loss or want to speed up hair growth. With the use of a syringe, the technician implements a specialized substance inside the scalp around the follicles. In general, mesotherapy is the best way to moisturise the skin, strengthen and stimulate the bulbs. It is worth mentioning, that this can only be a temporary assistance. 

Hair Treatments Done At The Salon 

The last suggestion is the wide range of professional procedures available at the most beauty salons. Procedures such as Keratin Hair Treatment, Olaplex are very popular and bring satisfactory effects. In most cases, those are multistage treatments that use specialized, rich in amino acids preparations. Such components are the key structural material making up hair (keratin) therefore, delivering them is the best way to promote strengthening and making the hair more beautiful and healthy. The effects are visible instantly and are long-lasting. Unfortunately, the price you must pay is rather high.