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Nanolash. Eyelash serum recommended by specialists

While choosing eyelash serum follow few simple rules. Mainly remember that good quality eyelash serum has to: be safe and easy in application, have simple and natural composition, and most of all it has to work. Run through opinions about given product online and read what specialists think. The subject of our last conversation with dr Helen Michaels was Nanolash eyelash enhancing serum. Is it worth buying?

Dr Helen Michaels – is an educated dermatologist who works as a cosmetologist and her passion is make-up. She works in the profession for almost 15 years and in this time she helped many women in saving their damaged eyelashes. Today, she is one of the most valued specialists in the conditioning and natural eyelash extension.

How come eyelashes need external support?

I am always extremely irritated when someone ignores issue of unawareness in the matter of eyelash care. It would not be this much disturbing if we did not care about conditioning in general, but that is not the case. Let’s just look at the dragstores: immense number of products dedicated for all hair types, but nothing for eyelashes. If we’re lucky, we can find one lash serum stuck somewhere in the back. I would want to make people more aware that eyelashes also need care. I personally use my favourite Nanolash eyelash growth serum every day to strengthen my lashes. What is more important, the necessity of conditioning results from simple anatomy.

So let me ask about something different. How is eyelash built? What are the anatomical features that make eyelash care essential?

Eyelash is a smaller version of hair. It is built in the exactly same way. Individual lash has root placed in the follicle and the shaft that grows out of it. The only living part of hair is a bulb, that is why we feel no pain when we cut them, but pulling out is painful. With age eyelashes (bulbs to be precise) tend to weaken and lose their elasticity, as a result of harmful influence of external factors. What is more, we often do ourselves disservice by use of improper cosmetics or by performance of too aggressive eye make-up removal. That is why external help is necessary.

You compared eyelashes to hair. Are there any differences between them?

Certainly length! (laughs) To be frank, the only difference between eyelashes and hair is their lifespan. Each hair experiences stages of growth, then death and then is replaced with the new hair. Eyelash’s lifespan is approximately 2 to 4 months, so it is rather short life. Especially, when you take into consideration that hair last from 2 to even 7 years! That is the only difference, on which is based distinction between hair care products and eye lash serums like mentioned by me, Nanolash.

There appears a question about eyelashes care. There are plenty of cosmetics for hair, from shampoos to intensive hair masks. It is a bit different with eyelashes. What should we use for their care?

That is true, market of conditioners for eyelashes is poor. There is not much possibility of choice, but on the other hand we do not need one. Eyelashes are hair, though we cannot put them in the same categories as hair where are types, like dry, with dandruff, oily, etc. Therefore, we need just one best eyelash growth serum to improve eyelashes condition.

That seems like a great solution. We don’t have to think what kind of product we need for our eyelashes. However, can we be sure that serum will work for us?

No one will give you 100% guarantee, because it depends on individual predispositions. Nevertheless, you can limit the risk of wrong purchase by choosing serums from trusted brands, that are recommended by many people and were proven to be effective. I know from experience that there is only one and the best eyelash enhancing serum: Nanolash. I recommend treatment with Nanolash to all my clients, that come to me with the problem of weak and excessively falling out eyelashes. Only about once in 50 cases, it happens that there are no effects. Beside that, Nanolash works for everyone, even though I have various clients.

What makes Nanolash so effective? At the manufacturers site we read that “the secret lies in the unique formula made with top-quality and natural ingredients”.

Natural ingredients are one of the best qualities of Nanolash. It contains very safe ingredient for stimulation of eyelashes growth and few other natural extracts. What is more, I think Nanolash is the only manufacturer who used eyebright extract. And we all know that eyebright extract is the best medical plant for eye problems. Advanced composition is one thing, but Nanolash’s formula is entirely different thing.

What do you mean by that?

I mean that, even best quality ingredients will not be effective if they are applied incorrectly. Nanolash is an eyelash growth product with complex of ingredients prepared for application on lashes line. This method is much more effective than ingestion of horsetail supplements. (laughs) Nanolash influences follicles directly and works right away. Method of application is here a key matter with a reflection in effects.

Exactly. Since we are on the topic of effects. How does Nanolash serum work and what can we expect after six months treatment?

It is good you point out that the entire treatment takes six months. It is important. First effects (I mean strengthening of bulbs, elasticity, gloss and slight darkening of lashes) should be visible briefly after treatment starts. However, you have to wait for the amazing final results. Nanolash serum systematically provides length and dense to lashes. Visible growth should be noticeable after about a month or two since the beginning of treatment. Final effects require a bit of patience.

Two months? Then why Nanolash lasts for six months of use?

You’re right. 3 ml of Nanolash eyelash serum lasts for six months of use. Treatment is divided into two stages. First stage is an intensive stimulation, that I just talked about. After reaching satisfactory results, you shouldn’t stop using Nanolash, just limit its application. Currently, I use Nanolash regularly to preserve extension effect. It should be applied on the eyelid every three days or sometimes even every four days. I enjoy beautiful lashes daily and I always present myself as an example for my clients.

To sum up I have to ask. Do you recommend Nanolash to everyone?

Not everyone. Nanolash is not dedicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women, because there were no tests on this group. What is more, it should not be used by underage people. Beside those, serum will work no matter age or gender. Among my clients who used Nanolash were also women after chemotherapy, who suffered almost entire hair loss. Therefore, I can recommend Nanolash with a clear conscience and I invite you to visit manufacturers site.

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