6 Basic Accessories Essential During Hair Wash

It may seem that hair wash is a kind of activity that does not need many accessories. However, if we want to take care of our hair and perform all the nourishing treatments (like, wash, conditioner, mask) correctly then we should have few gadgets with us. Below, you will find a list of six accessories, which may come handy during hair care.

1. Cotton T-shirt

You should wear cotton T-shirt during hair wash. It can effectively replace rough towel, because absorbs water equally well and because smooth texture won’t damage hair.

2. Microfibre towel

The only towel near you should be a microfibre towel, which is great for towel turban. Some of them already have shape perfect for creation of towel turban without bigger problems and construction doesn’t fall apart. Such towel is ideal for hair dry or cover of hair with plastic cap on them.

3. Plastic cap

Plastic cap is necessary for keeping hair in warm temperature and to isolate them from external factors, while having mask or a dye on your hair. It also comes handy during the shower when you don’t want to wet your hair. Plastic cap can be easily replaced with plastic bag.

4. Wide-tooth comb

For coming out wet hair and distribution of mask or conditioner great is wide-tooth comb, which won’t be pulling hair. Best would be wooden.

5. Plastic container

Small bowl or a jar (though, this can break) should be in every bathroom. It will be useful when you will want to dilute shampoo or conditioner with water, mix hair mask with few drops of vegetable oil or stir dye.

6. Large bowl

At first sight it may seem redundant to keep bowl in the bathroom, but not in every situation basin or bath is enough. Sometimes you need to do the rinse e.g. herbal or oil and then it would be easier to sit in a comfortable position and dip head in the bowl.

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